TMW Systems’ clients making new investments in software

TMW officials announced that more than 55 companies made significant new investments in TMW software in the first half of the year to strengthen transportation management and asset maintenance processes within their respective organizations. Increasingly, customers also purchased TMW Optimization solutions along with the company’s enterprise transportation software (ETS).

TMW Systems is a developer and supplier of software designed specifically for the transportation services industry, including logistics, trucking and brokerage operations. The company offers and supports a full portfolio of operations, dispatch, fleet maintenance and carrier profitability systems for businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

“The opportunity to help companies improve operations and set the stage for future growth over the past six months has been especially rewarding for us,” says David Wangler, TMW president and chief executive officer. “We continue to evolve and expand our solutions with the industry’s largest software development team and are pleased that so many well-respected transportation firms chose TMW Systems as a key technology partner.”

TMW Systems is the developer of ETS systems TMWSuite, TruckMate and TL2000 for the IBM iSeries or AS/400 platforms; heavy-duty fleet maintenance operation systems TMT Fleet Maintenance and TMT ServiceCenter; and carrier cost-containment and profitability systems based on optimization technologies, including IDSC Netwise, IDSC SupplyChain, IDSC ExpertFuel, IDSC MatchAdvice and IDSC TripAlert.