Schneider National awarded by Kimberly-Clark, Georgia-Pacific


Schneider National announced that it received the 2008 Carrier of the Year award from Kimberly-Clark for its capacity solutions for over-the-road, intermodal and cross-border activity at virtually every Kimberly-Clark location. The Green Bay, Wis.-based company also announced that it received the 2008 Dedicated Carrier of the Year award from Georgia-Pacific.

Kimberly-Clark provides some of the world’s most recognized consumer brands, serving more than 150 countries. “We recognize Schneider as a key ‘go-to’ strategic carrier to discuss internal initiatives and industry challenges,” says Steve Harmon, vice president of transportation for Kimberly-Clark. “This award is a well-deserved win for Schneider, who truly distinguished themselves in 2008. Their candor, insight and collaborative outlook throughout the entire organization helped us deliver the best service and value to our customers.”

Schneider says its efforts for Kimberly-Clark included support of the organization’s 2008 cost-reduction initiatives, conducting transportation 101 symposiums for its transportation groups, delivering on-time delivery in 2008 exceeding 98 percent, and helping with a conversion of a legacy load-bearing process. “Schneider delivered consistent value each quarter in 2008,” Harmon says. “Their thought leadership, along with their willingness to embrace and accept change, has demonstrated a true partnership.”

“It is an honor to receive Kimberly-Clark’s Carrier of the Year award,” says Steve Matheys, executive vice president of global commercial sales for Schneider National. “This recognition is especially gratifying because it validates our collaborative relationship.”

This is the second consecutive year that Schneider was recognized for the service it provides to Georgia-Pacific, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of building products, tissue, packaging, paper, pulp and related chemicals. “We are honored to present Schneider National with our Dedicated Fleet award because they consistently deliver on time to our customers 98 percent of the time, while handling our most complex requirements for delivery logistics,” says Paul Snider, Georgia-Pacific’s vice president of transportation. “They are leaders in the transportation industry because of their technology, support and excellent service.”

Georgia-Pacific presented Schneider with the award at its annual Carrier Conference, held in Green Bay. “Being named Georgia-Pacific’s Dedicated Fleet Award winner means a lot to the customer service folks and drivers who work so hard every day to deliver excellence for this valued customer,” says Todd Jadin, senior vice president and general manager of Schneider’s Dedicated division. “We’re proud that G-P relies on Schneider to come through for them, especially in tough situations. They trust us to come up with innovative logistics solutions that keep their goods flowing across the country.”