Videos educate public about ATA safety initiatives


The American Trucking Associations has produced three educational videos in conjunction with its 18-point safety agenda. ATA says the videos were made to offer members of the media and the public a concise, visual way to learn about each of the 18 safety policies and the effects of their implementation.

The videos feature ATA President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Graves, Safety Task Force Chair Barbara Windsor and subject matter experts Dave Osiecki — ATA Vice President of Safety — and Jim Tipka — Vice President of Engineering — discussing each of the initiatives ATA is taking to make our nation’s roadways safer for all drivers.

“Our safety initiatives contain lessons for all highway users, and these videos will help car and truck drivers alike be safer on the road,” says Windsor, Vice Chair of ATA’s Board of Directors and President and CEO of Hahn Transportation Inc., based in New Market, Md.

An overview video offers a synopsis of the trucking industry’s commitment to safety and the three areas on which ATA chose to focus when developing the 18 new safety policies. The two other videos, “ATA Safety Recommendations to Improve Driver Performance” and “ATA Recommendations to Make Vehicles and Motor Carriers Safer,” delve deeper into each of the policies and the safety benefits of their enactment.

To view the videos, go to the ATA Safe Trucks webpage at, or the ATA Channel on Big Truck TV at