Doonan designs lightweight flatbed series


Doonan Specialized Trailer says it has integrated the Chaparral design into its manufacturing process, creating a four-model series of lightweight trailers:

  • The Chaparral 48-foot flatbed is an all-aluminum trailer that weighs 8,263 pounds with a GVWR of 90,000;
  • The Platinum 48-foot flatbed is a combo-aluminum sill trailer that weighs 8,835 pounds with a GVWR of 80,000;
  • The Diamond 48-foot flatbed is a combo-steel sill trailer that weighs 9,188 pounds with a GVWR of 80,000; and
  • The Black Gold 48-foot flatbed is an all-steel trailer that weighs 9,500 pounds with a GVWR of 80,000.
  • All four models also are available in dropdeck versions. For more information, go to