Aljex adds E-Statements to TIN application


Aljex Software says it has added E-Statements to its hosted Aljex TIN (Transportation Intermediary Network) application, a map-oriented management software for freight brokers, 3PLs and other transportation providers. E-Statements are a free upgrade to the hosted Aljex TIN application.

“When a customer says he didn’t receive an invoice or PODs, one click will e-mail an accounts receivable statement with links to all the relevant data, including document images,” says Tom Heine, president of Middlesex, N.J.-based Aljex Software. “Our customers don’t have to find a particular invoice, then search through documents or digital document systems for the correct backup. It’s all right there, and it’s a great time saver.”

Aljex says that a user can go to a customer page and move the mouse over the Credit Limit Button, and two figures automatically will appear in a box: The first figure is the amount of credit billed to that customer but not yet paid, and the second figure is the total of customer shipments in house, perhaps still being worked on, but not yet billed.

Together, the figures show how much credit the transportation provider has extended to the customer – whether the amount actually has been billed or not, Aljex says; unbilled credit is comprised of shipments a broker has committed to handle and represents costs on one hand and what soon will be accounts receivable on the other.

“Credit is the number-one concern for most of our clients,” Heine says. “The new features are an excellent way to put important information in front of dispatchers or anyone with the authority to accept a shipment or load. E-Statements are the ultimate credit and collections tool.” A customer’s credit limit also appears on the order entry area where Aljex users can access all relevant data and documents while adding a new order into the system.