Navistar offers vehicle data recorder for fire, emergency vehicles

Navistar announced that its International brand DuraStar and WorkStar fire trucks and emergency vehicles now offer a factory-installed vehicle data recorder fully compliant with National Fire Protection Association standards.

“The addition of the data recorder to our lineup of emergency vehicles provides local fire departments with a vital driver training tool,” says Jim Hebe, Navistar senior vice president of North American sales operations. “We’re able to provide customers with key information on vehicle operation, driver behavior and equipment usage – important information that could help with new and enhanced training processes for fire departments across the country.”

Navistar says its International brand emergency vehicles now are available with a completely NFPA-compliant data recorder/seat display option, which provides critical vehicle information such as lateral accelerations, anti-lock braking system (ABS) events, safety belt positioning and vehicle speeds.

In addition, an accommodation package is available that includes all required sensors, wiring harnesses and in-dash connection to allow for the installation of alternative data recording hardware. In either case, local fire departments have the option to choose which data recording system best fits their specific training needs, Navistar says.

“With so much on the line for the paramedics and firefighters who protect us every day, it’s critical that our vehicles have the latest advancements in safety technology for these lifesaving occupations,” Hebe says.