Bead tests prove balancing works, Counteract says at GATS


Tests of tire-balancing products have produced varying results, but the most precise and properly conducted tests validate Counteract Balancing Beads, company officials said last week at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas.

“It’s basic physics,” company president Roger LeBlanc said at a press conference. “To date, more than 10 million axle ends have been balanced with this product.”

The service manual of a major tire manufacturer recommends balancing complete wheel/axle end assemblies, and the company has endorsed Counteract, said Bob Rutherford, a Counteract consultant. An engineer from another major tire maker suggests that all bus and truck tires should be balanced with Counteract, Rutherford said.

As to certain tests concluding there is no gain from using balancing products, flaws or misleading information concerning average testing speed or the scope of balancing efforts make those tests unreliable, LeBlanc said.

Many independent test results are available on the company’s website, along with more than 50 testimonials from fleets and tire shops. Counteract is based in Georgetown, Canada.