Hyva USA, Vipar, VHD team for new product line


Vipar Heavy Duty and its wholly owned subsidiary, VHD Equipment Network LLC, have announced a new heavy-duty supplier program with Hyva USA. Hyva USA products are used in connection with hydraulic loading and unloading systems on commercial trucks and trailers in both on- and offroad applications. The program with Vipar Heavy Duty and VHD Equipment Network will include telescopic (multistage) front cylinders for dump trucks and semi dump trucks.

“We are always looking to provide greater depth to our product lines,” says Chris Baer, vice president of Vipar Heavy Duty, based in Crystal Lake, Ill. “With the addition of Hyva USA’s high-value components to our portfolio of premium brands, Vipar Heavy Duty and VHD Equipment Network members have additional competitive products to sell to their customers.”

“We are excited to partner with both the Vipar Heavy Duty and VHD Equipment Networks because they represent the leading parts and equipment networks in North America,” says Guy A. Vachon, managing director of Hyva USA. “Our products are engineered, manufactured and distributed to exceed customer expectations in terms of availability, performance, durability and after-sales service.”