Cobra Electronics keeps truckers in mind with new nav system

Cobra Electronics says its new 7700 Pro GPS is an interactive, flexible and real-time navigation system designed specifically for trucking applications with efficiency and productivity in mind.

The company says the 7700 Pro allows drivers or fleet managers to enter size, weight, payload and configuration data from multiple trucks, multiple routes and even multiple stops to create streamlined “truck-friendly” route information. Using the data entered, the 7700 can help drivers avoid roads, bridges and overpasses the vehicle is too heavy for, or too tall to negotiate safely.

In a departure from a conventional automobile-based navigation system, the 7700 Pro selects waypoints and “points of interest” with the pertinent truck data in mind, according to the company; for example, it will not direct a driver to a fast-food restaurant without heavy-duty truck access. In a similar vein, all major travel centers with detailed amenity information such as food options, Internet access, shower availability and other requirements are displayed on the 7700’s large 7-inch-wide easy-to-read touchscreen.

The Cobra 7700 will retail for about $540 and will be available for sale in travel centers this fall.