California port truckers face deadline


Fleets and owner-operators serving California ports or rail intermodal yards within 80 miles of a port have until the end of the day Sept. 30 to register their trucks with the California Air Resources Board. Information of the CARB Drayage Truck Registry, including mail-in and online applications, can be found here.

On Jan. 1, 2010, trucks serving these facilities with engines of model years 2003 and older will need to be retrofit with Level 3 particulate matter filters verified by CARB or replaced. By Jan. 1, 2012, 2004 engine technology will require Level 3 retrofit or replacement, and by Jan 1, 2013, 2005-06 engines will fall under the same requirement. CARB stationary source branch chief Bob Fletcher says the agency is moving “full speed ahead. We’ve made it clear we are going to be enforcing the measure.”

Throughout August, Fletcher says, CARB had agents throughout the state “at distribution points seeing whether people have registered and to get the message out that you better act quickly to make sure you’re in compliance by the performance deadline.”

Fines for noncompliance have not been determined, says CARB spokesperson Mary Fricke. “We expect to take a progressive approach to enforcement, treating initial infractions as outreach opportunities and not issuing citations. Eventually, citations will be issued. We will be receiving information from the terminals that shows us which motor carriers sent noncompliant trucks to the terminals, and CARB will issue penalties based on that information.”

Jan 1, 2014, is the deadline for all port trucks to be utilizing 2007 technology or equivalent. By 2021, all trucks serving the ports must be utilizing technology meeting 2010 standards or equivalent.