TransCore loadboard products available on


TransCore announced that the company’s TruckersEdge and Freight Match Express loadboard products are available on TransCore says truckers, shippers and carriers will have value-priced access to the powerful DAT Network through the trucking site, which is owned by Randall-Reilly Business Media.

“This joint venture gives readers of Commercial Carrier Journal, Overdrive, Truckers News and other Randall-Reilly trucking publications access to the industry-standard DAT Network,” says David Schrader, senior vice president of TransCore Freight Business Solutions.

TransCore describes TruckersEdge as an innovative combination of load matching plus regulatory and compliance tools that every independent trucker needs to stay competitive. TruckersEdge is powered by the DAT Network loadboard, which TransCore says provides exclusive loads found nowhere else, broker credit scores and days to pay, as well as carrier safety and reliability.

3sixty Freight Match Express is designed to provide access to the DAT loadboard for small shippers, brokers and carriers. The broker and shipper package provides unlimited load posting and automatic e-mail alerts when matches are posted, while the carrier package includes unlimited load searching and truck posting.

“This new venture builds on our agreement last fall, in which Randall-Reilly’s truckstop service division took over servicing and reselling of TransCore’s 1,100-plus truckstop load boards,” says Jeffrey Mason, Randall-Reilly senior vice president, Trucking Group. “We’re pleased to partner with the industry leader and offer these value-added services to and the online trucking community. Given the strong history and presence of both companies in the trucking industry, it makes solid business sense for us to continue to look for ways Randall-Reilly and TransCore can work together.”