TMW Systems: TruckMate software passes IBM stress test


Working with experts at the IBM Innovation Center in San Mateo, Calif., TMW Systems developers put the latest product release, TruckMate 2009, through a series of simulated, high-volume freight bill transactions and dispatch activities performed by up to 2,000 concurrent users as part of benchmark testing for the enterprise transportation software application.

TMW Systems announced that average response times under even the highest loads were sub-second, demonstrating that TruckMate 2009 running on the latest IBM DB2 Enterprise 9.5 database can easily support the transactional volumes of busy regional LTL, intermodal and truckload carriers.

Simulating a range of hardware environments found at trucking companies today, the benchmark was designed to simulate a varied mix of users performing activities most commonly performed in transportation operations, including: creation of a new order; posting of that order with rating, accessorial charges, general ledger details and driver pay calculations, as well as dispatch work involving creation of a trip from a freight bill; assignment of driver, power and trailer to a load; and pickup and delivery status changes. Multiple test scenarios were defined for several distinct hardware environments, simulating 200, 520, 1,000 and 2,000 concurrent software users.

“We are extremely proud of how TruckMate performed under this testing. Our developers have been eager to subject their software to the rigorous testing and world-class technology environment offered by the IBM Innovation Center,” said Randall Burrell, senior vice president and general manager for TruckMate. “The results of that program reinforce, for current and future TruckMate customers alike, their choice of technology platform is robust, scalable and capable of growing along with their most ambitious business plans.”

TMW Systems is the largest developer and supplier of software designed specifically for the transportation services sector, with applications for logistics, trucking, brokerage and private fleet operations. The company offers and supports a full portfolio of operations, dispatch, fleet maintenance and optimization solutions in use throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Current customers may request a copy of the document “TruckMate: IBM Innovation Center Benchmark Results” directly through their TruckMate technical support teams.