Kinedyne flatbed straps have new look

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Kinedyne says it is changing the appearance of its bright-yellow tie-down flatbed straps as it expands its global presence:

  • Many of the company’s 2-, 3- and 4-inch-wide strap assemblies now are manufactured with black edges on both sides of the webbing;
  • All 2-, 3- and 4-inch-wide winch and ratchet strap assemblies that previously were constructed with yellow webbing now are being produced with gold-color webbing; and
  • Many of the strap assemblies impacted by these changes also will feature a revised stencil pattern that includes the Working Load Limit (WLL) of the strap assembly – in both pounds and kilograms – and the Kinedyne logo, all clearly marked at regular intervals on the webbing.
  • “We’ve introduced this color change on our strap assemblies in an effort to develop a standard product that we can sell to our markets worldwide,” says Jim Calico, vice president of sales and marketing for Kinedyne, based in Branchburg, N.J. “The gold webbing with black edges has been sold to our customers in Canada for years – now we’re making it our global standard. This new color scheme also serves as a differentiator versus some of our competitors.”

    The new WLL stencil serves as a backup to the information already printed on the Warning & Ratings tag on strap assemblies. Current regulations require a downgrade of the WLL limit to 1,000 pounds per inch of width if the tag is either missing or no longer legible. Kinedyne says its new WLL stencil meets the requirements of this regulation by printing the WLL and manufacturer information directly on the webbing.

    Kinedyne says these revisions will be seamless for most customers since none of the changes required a revision to existing Kinedyne part numbers for strap assemblies. Products in the new color will be shipped from Kinedyne facilities once inventory of the older yellow-color straps is depleted. In an effort to help customers manage their inventory, the outer case of all shipments of the new gold-color black-edge webbing will be marked with an orange-colored sticker to help identify new inventory easily.

    Customers may contact Kinedyne Nationwide Customer Service at 800-848-6057 for more information or with questions regarding any of the company’s standard or custom stenciled webbing products.