Marsh offers GreenRoad technology to clients

Marsh, an insurance broker and risk adviser, and GreenRoad, which specializes in improving driving behavior, announced that they are teaming together so that all Marsh U.S. brokerage clients will have the opportunity to obtain services from GreenRoad at favorable rates.

GreenRoad provides a technology-based service that provides real-time in-vehicle driver feedback designed to reduce fleet risk by changing driving behavior. It combines safety, risk visibility, functionality and coaching in a cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-implement package, the company says.

GreenRoad client experience data suggests that on average, clients have reduced accidents by up to 50 percent and fuel consumption by up to 10 percent. Using GreenRoad’s risk analysis tools, Marsh will work with its clients to make informed decisions about risk retention and insurance.

GreenRoad says its service continuously rates driving skills and enables drivers and fleet managers to identify and address risky driving behavior and promotes improvements over time through constant reinforcement. Drivers are empowered to change their own behavior behind the wheel based on a combination of automated feedback and constructive coaching, as well as access to their individual driving risk profile online, the company says.

Risk management professionals can gain visibility into risk and safety levels using GreenRoad’s online reporting tools. They can review detailed reports by fleet, driver, department, maneuver type, trip and other variables to identify high-risk areas and develop focused and effective risk management strategies – at the driver, fleet or organizational levels.

“GreenRoad already is working with several Marsh clients who have benefited from its services,” says Mark Langer, a managing director of Marsh and leader of the firm’s Transportation Practice. “With the fleet industry looking for proven ways to reduce accidents and manage costs, GreenRoad’s services represent a valuable element of a strong overall risk management program for businesses in this sector.”