Cummins announces new filter-in-filter fuel system for Dodge Ram

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Cummins Filtration recently announced the launch of the Fleetguard FS2: Filter-in-Filter fuel system technology for Dodge Ram trucks with 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel engines. The new FS43257 filter assembly is an upgrade for the 2007– 2009 Dodge Ram and provides the filtration performance of two filters in a single, reusable filter canister. 

“The design of the FS2 was developed in response to customer feedback for a system that allows reuse of the filter canister and replacement of only the filter cartridge at service time,” said Kevin Westerson, Executive Director of Research Technology and Engineering. “To minimize waste associated with fuel filter changes, only the filter cartridge and canister O-ring need to be changed during service. The sturdy composite canister, plus the water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor and filter drain valve, can be reused continuously.” 

The FS2 filter-in-filter technology incorporates a dual-stage filtration process that offers better protection than the former single-stage fuel/water separator. Using Cummins Filtration’s patented multi-layered StrataPore™ media, the filter is capable of removing super fine particles and water ensuring maximum protection from water-related corrosion that can damage modern high pressure fuel systems. 

Westerson highlighted the features of the innovative design which eliminates the hassle of extra filters and fuel plumbing, while the optimized filter media provides the free and emulsified fuel/water separation that modern engines and fuel systems require. It is ultimate protection and versatility in a user-friendly fuel filtration system. 

Cummins and Chrysler began applying the FS2 high-performance filter to all new engines and trucks in January 2009. All owners of 2007 – 2009 Dodge Ram trucks with a 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel engine can use the new filter without additional plumbing or hardware. The FS43257 Filter-in-Filter is a direct fit replacement for the original FS43252 single-stage filter.