FedEx simplifies international shipping with FedEx Electronic Trade Documents

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FedEx shippers now are able to upload their international shipment documentation electronically with FedEx Electronic Trade Documents. Activated across multiple automated shipping systems, ETD is designed to help customers save time and money while reducing their environmental footprint.

“ETD benefits our customers from day one by allowing them to easily migrate to a fully automated international shipping experience, with no disruption to their current business,” says Michael Ducker, chief operating officer and president of International for FedEx Express.

FedEx says ETD, which also can be used with FedEx Ground international shipments to and from Canada, automates the preparation and flow of international documents, which:
• Ensures customers’ international shipment documentation arrives earlier for broker review, even before the courier picks up the shipment;
• Streamlines customs clearance by providing more time to identify and resolve any potential paperwork errors;
• Eliminates the need for manual paperwork, thereby reducing the risk of lost, missing or damaged paperwork, and;
• Promotes a sustainable solution that lowers customers’ carbon footprint by reducing paper waste.