Fleet management solution offers GPS, tire pressure monitoring, weights

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Safety Vision, a provider of mobile video solutions; Advantage PressurePro, a provider of tire pressure monitoring systems; and Rice Lake Weighing Systems, a provider of vehicle weighing systems, have integrated their individual technologies to provide an all-in-one solution designed to result in fuel savings, extended tire life, reduced downtime and improved driver performance.

Safety Vision’s SafetyTrax Web-based fleet management solution with global positioning system is the hub for the solution, incorporating PressurePro’s TPMS and Rice Lake’s weighing system. The three companies partnered to offer the fleet operations industry an interoperable solution.

The SafetyTrax Web-based application features GPS, real-time data and reporting features including breadcrumb capabilities; the route of any truck, stop durations and speeding variations based on actual posted speed limits are available for download for six months. Trouble alerts and data from the TPMS and weight measuring system are routed through the SafetyTrax GPS location modem using cellular-only technology; this connects to the fleet owner’s protected account through the SafetyTrax website. Truck identification, speed, location and route direction are shown on street-level maps anywhere in the country, along with any TPMS or weight alerts; within 90 days, global mapping will be available using a satellite-only modem. Live vehicle look-in also is available with use of a Safety Vision mobile digital video recorder (MDVR).

“This collaboration of fleet monitoring technologies results in significant ROI and allows for action in real-time, a necessity for commercial trucking fleets,” says Terry Leiby, director of marketing for SafetyTrax by Safety Vision. “Both fleet drivers and management are alerted in real-time when the truck gets loaded, where the truck is, what the tire pressure is, and if the truck is within legal weight limits – presenting the ability to take charge of the situation immediately. Our solution is critical for managing equipment, route and fuel efficiency, safety and delivery times, and monitoring axle weight and tire wear.”

Phillip Zaroor, president and chief executive officer of PressurePro, says the integrated solution provides fleets with critical capabilities allowing drivers and managers to address high or low tire pressure situations, poor driving habits and weight issues in real-time from a corporate level. “Revenues are wasted from these commercial fleet commonalities,” Zaroor says. “Tires are costly to repair and replace, and having to offload a truck because of weight issues can set drivers back for days. This solution provides fleets with information and tools needed to address problematic issues prior to them becoming inefficiencies or fines.”

Tom Kendall, Rice Lake director of strategic accounts for onboard weighing, says theft of payload is a multibillion dollar problem for fleet operators worldwide. “This system adds a new level of security for cargo transport, in addition to the element of safety provided by overload warning, load shifting and tire pressure monitoring,” Kendall says.