National Retail Systems to install GreenRoad driver safety technology

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National Retail Systems Inc., a provider of logistics services to U.S. retailers, pharmaceutical companies and consumer goods manufacturers, announced that it will install the GreenRoad 360 driving decision support service in all trucks nationwide. The program will start in the Northeast United States and expand across the country next year.

GreenRoad says its technology measures G-forces impacting NRS trucks as they are driven on the road and uses sophisticated sensor-based technology to measure and analyze, in real time, more than 120 maneuvers in five categories: speed handling, cornering, lane handling, braking and acceleration. The system also is designed to capture compound maneuvers, which combine multiple maneuver types. The service also provides reports and analysis to drivers and fleet managers through a secure website to evaluate overall driving risk and skills.

“GreenRoad gives our drivers the instantaneous feedback they need to control safety where and when it counts – on the road in live driving conditions,” says William Cluver, vice president of risk management for NRS. “It also allows management to analyze the performance of our entire fleet over time so we can address any issues proactively nationwide.”

The GreenRoad implementation will help NRS to maintain compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 program. “We are very excited to be working with NRS,” says Dan Steere, chief executive officer of GreenRoad. “We are confident they will see an almost immediate ROI and improvement in their CSA 2010 performance.”