Book details industrial sector productivity systems

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JD Gray Associates’ book “Classic Productivity Systems” for the assembly manufacturer or distribution center is a collection of labor and space optimization techniques, storage and retrieval conveyor types, case histories, materials handling layout configurations and sizing dials and examples of various return-on-investment scenarios designed to assist the industrial sector to be cost-competitive. Located online at, the book includes examples of a warehouse productivity audit and industrial engineered standards preparation.

There are two versions of the book: Rev A (278 pages) will contain generic industrial engineering proposals should a company seek outside expertise in their cost-reduction endeavor. Rev B (243 pages) will not contain their generic industrial engineering proposals. Gray Associates offers a first-year payback guarantee on their fees for all consulting projects they recommend and implement.

“Classic Productivity Systems” also contains a quiz to determine existing warehouse efficiency based on installed direct labor control systems, storage rack types, level of robotics, layout methodology, degree of inventory / tracking software and materials handling mechanization status.

The book now is available at a prepublishing 50 percent discounted rate of $75 with a 60-day delivery. If interested, send a check or money order to P.O. Box 63, Summit Hill, PA 18250. Please contact to let them know about any incoming orders.