Fontaine Fifth Wheel video shows how to get the ‘Ultra’ connection

As part of its commitment to customer support and training, Fontaine Fifth Wheel has released a video and document outlining the proper coupling, sliding and uncoupling procedures for its newest fifth wheels, the Fontaine Ultra LT, Ultra HD and Ultra HR.

“Our Ultra family of fifth wheels uses a patented lock design that requires specific coupling, sliding and uncoupling procedures,” says Terry Mennen, Fontaine Fifth Wheel vice president of sales and marketing. “Every operator who drives a truck equipped with a Fontaine Ultra LT, Ultra HD or Ultra HR fifth wheel should review these procedures in order to maximize their safety and performance advantages.”

The training video runs for about eight and a half minutes and features live-action demonstrations of each step of the coupling, sliding and uncoupling processes. It is available for download or online viewing under the “Videos” tab on Fontaine’s website,

The full-color training document details the coupling and uncoupling procedures, with photos illustrating key elements. It is available for download on Fontaine’s website at