HDX adds two more distributors to SiMan service

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HDX Services announced two new distributors have signed up to use the HDX SiMan service: CRW Parts (Baltimore) and Universal/Lee Smith Truck Parts (Chattanooga, Tenn.). HDX SiMan is a service designed to provide a single sign-on solution that allows distributors to access and utilize extranet sites for all heavy-duty manufacturers.

“Many manufacturers have sites that are very useful to distributors, but are not being used,” says Edward Kuo, executive director of HDX Services. “HDX SiMan helps both the distributor and the manufacturer actually realize the benefits of extranet/online tools.”

Manufacturer extranets allow distributor users to retrieve their specific account information, including negotiated pricing, product availability and order status. HDX SiMan is designed to offer these distributor users a menu from a single sign-on process to access multiple manufacturer sites, helping them access the information they need and answer their questions easily and efficiently. HDX SiMan also is designed to offer better security of account information by managing and communicating personnel changes such as new hires, transfers and terminations directly to suppliers.