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Has your company made any changes in

preparation for CSA? (472 responses)

29% We’ve made a few minor changes.

29% No, we haven’t changed the way we do business at all.

42% Yes, we’ve made substantial procedural changes to ensure compliance.

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“We signed an agreement with Mexico under NAFTA – now let us work with Mexico to make it work. America has to work with Mexico – it is too important for both of us. I understand not one incident happened under the pilot program. Start the program back up – do not waste time.” — an online reader’s comment on in response to a news article on the Department of Transportation’s proposal to reinstate a cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico

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Reader Response

to Jack Roberts’ January column on the looming driver shortage:

“On top of the challenges you mention is the proposal to reduce productive hours-of-driving and duty. This will create a shortage within a shortage.

“The tank truck industry has additional challenges since so many drivers in that industry have to obtain an HM endorsement, which entails an FBI fingerprint background check. Regrettably, one background check often does not satisfy the myriad of security hoops posed by different levels of government, various ports and some shippers.

“The National Tank Truck Carriers will focus on ‘Y2011: The Year of Tank Truck Driver Sustainability.’ Carriers, shippers and regulators must look at the quality drivers required by our industry as a resource that must be nourished and protected as much as any natural resource. This will require a change in thinking and adjustments to the distribution system.”

John Conley, president

National Tank Truck Carriers

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