Casella Waste Systems selects FleetMind fleet management solution

Updated Mar 3, 2011

FleetMind Solutions Inc., a provider of fleet management technology solutions, announced the phased rollout of the FleetMind system to more than 300 Casella Waste Systems Inc. collection vehicles by 2012. FleetMind says its fleet management solution includes tools for onboard computing, fleet mapping, reporting and analysis, driver direction, automated service verification, wireless communications and more.

“We expect our investment in FleetMind’s technology to improve the quality of our customer experience, as well as deliver real environmental health benefits through the improved efficiency of our vehicles,” says Bill Tavares, vice president of transportation. “Customers will benefit from our enhanced ability to now provide real-time on-route information, while we can all breathe easier knowing that our FleetMind-equipped vehicles are helping us reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption, as well as overall greenhouse gas emissions.”

FleetMind says Casella’s investment in technology also will support its efforts to influence safe driving behavior with the ability to implement fleet safety initiatives proactively, and capture complete and real-time visibility into every route, vehicle and container to ensure optimal operational efficiencies. The FleetMind solution currently has been deployed in six Casella locations and is expected to be installed in 19 additional sites by 2012.

“Casella has a distinct vision for companywide operational innovation and excellence, including fleet operations,” said Martin Demers, chief executive officer of FleetMind. “It was therefore of utmost importance to them that a fleet management solution had to support the company’s high standards for sustainability and service. FleetMind has invested millions of dollars and over 10 years in strategic research and development to ensure that our customers have the best tools and technologies to improve their fleet operations and keep them at the forefront of the industry.”