Manheim facilities in Atlanta consolidate inventory


Two Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment operating locations have consolidated inventory in Atlanta. Manheim Metro Atlanta has been designated as the Georgia location for Heavy Truck & Equipment inventory, and Manheim Georgia now features Manheim Specialty Boat and RV sales.

Both locations celebrated with new sales, including a grand reopening sale at Manheim Metro Atlanta last month. The grand reopening sale drew more than 60 buyers in-lane and 100 buyers online who bought more than 60 percent of the available units. The next Heavy Truck & Equipment sale at Manheim Metro Atlanta will be on Wednesday, March 16, at 9:30 a.m. Boat and RV dealers are invited to participate at Manheim Georgia’s next sale on April 5 at 1:30 p.m.

Manheim now offers 16 Manheim Specialty locations and 13 Manheim Heavy Truck & Equipment locations. “We take great pride in delivering an unmatched experience to Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment customers,” says Karen Braddy, general manager of Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment. “Our dedicated operating locations offer instant access to the cream-of-the-crop in quality inventory, volume and sales results, as well as access to our support teams who really ‘get’ these unique marketplaces.”

Manheim says the growth of its dedicated Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment sales locations also has fueled a significant increase in the percentage of customers who do business online. “When customers buy and sell in an environment focused exclusively on their industry, they’re more likely to trust the process,” says Braddy. “The proof is in the numbers. Last year, 41 percent of all Specialty units sold at a dedicated Specialty location were sold online, compared to 27 percent at locations without dedicated staffs and sales.”

Manheim Heavy Truck & Equipment locations include Arizona, Central California, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Ft. Wayne, Harrisonburg, Imperial Florida, Metro Atlanta, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Ohio, Southern California, St. Louis and Toronto. Manheim Specialty locations include Central California, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Daytona Beach, Georgia, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Lakeland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Missouri, New York, Pensacola, Southern California, Statesville, Tucson and Utah.