Hanson adds refrigerated service to multivendor consolidation program

Updated Mar 14, 2011

Hanson Logistics, a provider of temperature-controlled logistics, is expanding the company’s Velocities Multi-Vendor Consolidation program to include Exclusive Refrigerated Service, designed to assure processors that their products will not be co-mingled with frozen products in the same trailer. By sharing trailers set specifically to hold temperatures between 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit, refrigerated food shippers are assured a “protect from freeze” environment while still receiving on-time delivery.

“Our emphasis on food quality and safety extends from our warehouses out to final delivery,” says Andrew Janson, president of St. Joseph, Mich.-based Hanson Logistics. “The volume, process and assets are in place for refrigerated food shippers to achieve the same cost benefits as shippers in a frozen consolidation program.”

Velocities MVC is a temperature-controlled distribution program that leverages Hanson Transportation Management Services and the strategic location of the Chicago Consolidation Center in Hobart, Ind. Hanson Logistics says the collaborative solution offers cost-effective distribution reaching national retailers and food-service DCs with highest Must-Arrive-by-Date (MABD) metrics.

“Exclusive Refrigerated Service eliminates the uncertainty faced by refrigerated food shippers that pool in bulk-headed frozen freight consolidation,” Janson says. “In addition to the proper environment, our refrigerated-foods customers are tapping into an established distribution program that helps reduce transportation and administration costs, while delivering accurate orders on time.”