Aero announces warranties for Quadrant dump liners

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Updated May 25, 2011

Aero Industries, the national distributor for Quadrant and dump liners, announces Quadrant’s new warranties for the QuickSilver and Durapro dump liners. Multiple warranties are available for the Durapro for up to five years, and the QuickSilver now comes with a lifetime warranty.

Quadrant also is extending the QuickSilver warranty for the entire life of the dump liner; any ½-inch gauge or thicker now is guaranteed for any temperature asphalt. Three different warranties now are offered for Quadrant’s Durapro liner; for ¼-inch liners, a one-year warranty is available, while a three-year warranty is available for 3/8-inch liners and a five-year warranty is available for ½-inch liners.