BackJoy releases new portable sitting product

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BackJoy Orthotics has designed a product to aid drivers suffering from lower back pain. The BackJoy is designed to improve alignment beyond a cushion or simple support through active stabilization; the user’s upper body weight creates constant adjustments that work in sync with the BackJoy, removing the conditions that cause back pain when sitting by promoting proper body alignment.

BackJoy says the Class I medical device shifts the user’s center of gravity to the front of their body, removing harmful pressure from the spine and back areas and allowing users to sit in comfort without contortion or the need for constant moving and adjustments. The device is designed for a wide variety of body types, including individuals ranging from 95 to 300 pounds in weight.

“Sitting in the incorrect position will simply hurt your body,” says Preston Willingham, BackJoy inventor. “Our product acts as a cradle that adjusts your seating position naturally through immediate core engagement, so your body can work the way it is supposed to.”