Bendix air discs standard on Peterbilt Class 8 truck models

Updated Jun 15, 2011

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake says its Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes have attained standard position on the steer axle of all Peterbilt Motors Co. Class 8 truck models.

Bendix says the ADB22X air disc brake is a lightweight air disc brake package offering longer brake life, reduced stopping distance for commercial vehicles, and improved uptime for fleets. Bendix says air disc brakes are proven to significantly reduce stopping distances for commercial vehicles; virtually eliminate brake fade with no degradation of stopping power; provide a passenger car-like feel; and permit straight, stable stops. In addition, Bendix air disc brakes offer longer brake life and fast and easy pad replacement, improving uptime for fleets. Extensive field experience has validated the air disc brakes’ superior performance advantages relative to stopping distance, pad and rotor life, and brake fade.

Peterbilt becomes the first major heavy truck OEM to offer air disc brakes as standard across its product line. The company’s move to standardize air disc brakes helps ensure its vehicles meet the federal government’s new stopping distance regulations, which begin taking effect Aug. 1, 2011. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires a 30 percent reduction in stopping distance for new three axle tractors with Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWRs) up to 59,600 lbs. and produced after the Aug. 1, 2011, implementation date. Tractors with two axles, as well as severe-service tractors with GVWRs above 59,600 lbs., must comply with the new mandate by Aug. 1, 2013.