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Online reader comments on in response to a CCJDigital news article on the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Better Business Bureau teaming up to combat distracted driving:

• “Distracted driving comes in many forms and age groups. I had the privilege of training drivers to safely deliver hazardous material. It was my way of attempting to make a difference in the industry I have served for 50 years now. My first critical test (after observing their driving habits) was to teach each new driver that ATTITUDE was the first key to safety. The task at hand is to share the road with others and ensure you get through the day safely.”

• “I think pushing this distracted driving ‘texting while driving’ gambit has reached the limit of its usefulness. The texters are still texting – not much has changed, but now they are holding the device below the steering wheel and taking their eyes completely off the road. I see it many times a day.”

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This month: Managing CSA Compliance

The rollout of CSA’s Safety Measurement System puts fleet safety practices under the microscope. Scott Randall, director of safety at Hogan Transports Inc., and Annette Sandberg – attorney for Scopelitis, Garvin, Light Hanson & Feary and former FMCSA administrator – discuss how fleets can better manage SMS data, as well as how fleets can work with shippers and brokers to help ensure compliance.

Thursday, July 28, 3-4 p.m. CT

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