Minimizer announces initiatives to enhance productivity, service

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Minimizer recently announced a consortium of initiatives targeting improved manufacturing turn time and improved sales channel product flow to create significant improvements in manufacturing and sales processes.

Manufacturing improvements include:
• A new research and development department creating new products for key markets, improving engineering of existing product as well as enhanced fender styles;
• A new extended shift that has increased manufacturing capacity by 50 percent;
• A new production calendar that has increased manufacturing scheduled days by 25 percent;
• Augmenting staff over the last 18 months by adding 17 positions; and
• New fender products specific to Class 6, 7 and 8 truck chassis.

Sales channel improvements include:
• A new headquarters building that facilitates a focused, synergistic sales team in one place and improves space for sales and administrative support staff;
• A more targeted sales approach utilizing function, channel and distribution;
• Increased prominence and marketing of lifetime warranty;
• More robust marketing of fuel efficiencies, cost savings and green initiatives generated by product;
• Enhanced tradeshow presence and advertising to both distributor and end-user audiences;
• Joining HDA/Truck Pride and further expanding its presence with Vipar;
• Improved sales training for distributors, including webinars and increased onsite visits; and
• Augmenting leadership team with defined C-level integrator and visionary

“With revenue improving 40 percent year-over-year during a difficult time in the industry, we know we’re making the right moves for our customers,” says Jeff McCabe, company president. “We want to continue to set the standard for innovation and investment back into our product, facilities and team members.”