eCustoms offers e-manifest border crossing solution

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Updated Jul 22, 2011

eCustoms says its Visual Gateway Suite is a collection of Web-based solutions that help importers, carriers and customs brokers shipping goods into Canada and the United States comply with advance electronic cargo and conveyance notification regulations. The e-Manifest solution is designed to enable carriers to easily validate and electronically submit shipments and trips to customs prior to their truck arriving at the border.

Visual Gateway is designed to offer easier compliance for busy carriers to get there and back efficiently and with less hassle by combining solutions for both the ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) and ACI (Advanced Commercial Information) into one Web-based service.

“We are right at the cutting edge of the CBSA’s (Canadian Border Services Agency) highway plans,” says Jackson wood, corporate business manager at eCustoms. “Our aim is to help highway carriers of all sizes to be able to comply with these mandatory regulations within the implementation time. More importantly, it means that carriers can submit all the relevant information to customs within the required time period to ensure their trucks cross the border as quickly and effectively as possible.”