Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering device cleans waste oil

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Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering’s Fuel Factory, a modular drum top centrifuge processing system driven by a gear pump, is designed to clean 216 gallons of waste oil per hour. The system is built to clean waste motor oil, diesel fuel, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid and vegetable oil without any filters; it also will separate any solid from the liquid and remove water. The device is built on a ¼-inch powder-coated aluminum plate that holds the two centrifuges, pump, motor, switch and 12-inch pour opening.

The Fuel Factory is designed to fit inside and just below the top edge of a standard 55-gallon open top drum; by being below the top ½-inch, there are fewer spills on the ground. Pour the waste oil product through the pour opening, turn on the heater and turn on the pump; the processed oil then is pumped to the storage drum by use of the same pump that drives the centrifuges. The device is designed for easy removal from the drum.