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How’s your business doing through the first half of 2011 compared to 2010?

Much worse — 20%

Much better — 13%

Somewhat better — 23%

About the same — 20%

Somewhat worse — 15%

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“My advice is FMCSA should focus efforts towards a better, more stringent selection process for new motor carriers, those seeking a DOT number. If carrier safety is a real priority, this is the true most proactive starting point. I’m not convinced on an elaborate system, which, in my opinion, is more about justifying existence. Where is the crash data on the CSA test states, BTW?

Spend more time ensuring only competent, responsible and well-qualified individuals are in possession of a DOT number. Spend less time trying to micromanage something as personal and diverse as a driver’s sleep and work cycle. There has to be rules, agreed, but some rules only create new issues. It’s a mistake to call that evolution.”

zx Online reader comment on in response to a CCJ Digital news article on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new five-year strategic plan.

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