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Jump starter

Clore Automotive now offers the ES6000, a high-capacity 12V jump starter from Truck PAC that delivers 3,000 peak amps for heavy-duty starting in extreme jump-starting situations. The unit is equipped with ES Series batteries that deliver 800 cranking amps, high output current, extended cranking power and numerous jumps per charge. The ES6000 features extra-long cables for easier positioning during jump starting and industrial-grade Hot Jaw clamps for maximum power transfer to the vehicle. The unit also features rugged construction, an impact-resistant case and robust components, as well as automatic charging and battery status LEDs.

Clore Automotive


Power tool rack

Snap-on’s power tool rack can hold three power tools, pneumatic or cordless, for organization and convenient access in the shop and can be installed quickly and easily via the 12-inch tabs designed to fit the standard slot pattern on Snap-on tool storage units, including carts, workstations, tool wagons, locker doors and slot adaptor panels. The height of the tool rack holsters, as well as the width of the tool rack holders, can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of both cordless and impact power tools. Reinforced screw holes in the rear panel also allow the unit to be mounted on nonslotted walls and surfaces when the end tabs are removed and holes are drilled into the unit’s surface.



Synthetic diesel oil

Amsoil’s OE 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil for both on- and off-road diesel engines features a low-sulfated ash formulation that meets the requirements for low-emissions diesel oil while offering protection under severe operating conditions. The oil is compatible with all exhaust treatment devices and engines equipped with diesel particulate filters. The oil is formulated for improved heat and oxidation resistance to help provide extreme temperature performance and also features a low-volatility burn-off rate, resulting in reduced oil consumption and emissions during operation. The oil also features a premium synthetic base stock and a robust detergent additive package.

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Wheel heat indicator label

Esco’s Hot Wheel heat indicator label, attached to a wheel or rim by self-adhesives, is designed to warn drivers, maintenance personnel and safety inspectors of possible wheel end, bearing and brake failure during walkaround inspections. When the temperature of the wheel reaches 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature-sensitive white arrow changes to and remains bright orange, warning of an overheated wheel condition. After the wheel problem has been corrected, a new Hot Wheel decal must be installed. Although the decal is not designed to indicate all instances of a possible wheel end component malfunction, it will indicate excess temperature for prolonged periods that could cause decreased function or failure.



Fuel tank sensor line

Dieselcraft offers a line of sensors designed to detect water at the bottom of a fuel tank or for installation in water separators to alert the user to water presence. Model 06-5 is a solid-state sending unit, while Model 06-6SP is a self-grounding stainless-steel probe. Model 06-5 is designed to detect water in diesel fuel and gasoline but also will detect water in fluids with less conductivity than water, while Model 06-6SP comes with an additional output lead to use with a PCL control to send an alarm to shut down the equipment. The ABS electronic enclosure houses two LED lights; the green LED light indicates the sensor has power and is ready to work, while the larger red LED will come on and stay on when water is detected. The unit also incorporates an audible alarm that will sound for 5 seconds to bring attention to the water detected.

The Model FWS-HH portable water detector is a handheld unit that can be used in conjunction with the tank-dipping process.

Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering


Waste oil cleaner

Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering’s Fuel Factory, a modular drum top centrifuge processing system driven by a gear pump, is designed to clean 216 gallons of waste oil per hour. The system is built to clean waste motor oil, diesel fuel, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid and vegetable oil without any filters; it also will separate any solid from the liquid and remove water. The device is built on a ¼-inch powder-coated aluminum plate that holds the two centrifuges, pump, motor, switch and 12-inch pour opening. The Fuel Factory is designed to fit inside and just below the top edge of a standard 55-gallon open top drum; by being below the top ½-inch, there are fewer spills on the ground. Pour the waste oil product through the pour opening and turn on the heater and the pump; the processed oil then is pumped to the storage drum by use of the same pump that drives the centrifuges. The device is designed for easy removal from the drum.

Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering


Diagnostic tool

The Blue-Point Pocket iQ handheld diagnostic tool is designed for all commercial vehicles from light-duty to Class 8 trucks. Powered by Nexiq, the scan and triage tool is suited for dealers, fleet service writers, shop technicians, owner-operators, maintenance facilities and fleet shops. Among the Pocket iQ’s features:

• For medium- and heavy-duty trucks, the device reads active fault codes, reads and clears inactive fault codes and monitors J1708 and J1939 engine, brake and transmission data;

• For light-duty trucks, the tool reads active fault codes, reads and clears inactive fault codes and monitors OBD II engine data;

• Reporting tools enable technicians to save vehicle diagnostic and fleet performance information in PDF or text format. Reports can be printed to a standard PCL3 printer or transferred to a memory stick; and

• A data port allows for future updates/upgrades and provides the ability to download reports to a memory stick.



Halogen bulb series

PIAA’s Night-Tech halogen bulb series combines a higher proportion of inert gases with a filament material designed to deliver up to 90 percent more light than a conventional halogen bulb and a 50 percent longer lifespan. In addition, the Night-Tech’s combination of gases, filament material and glass coatings creates a color temperature that helps provide whiter light and an extended range. PIAA is offering the Night-Tech bulbs in several formats, including H1, H3, H4, H7 and H11. Each 12V bulb is rated at 55 watts; the H4 Night-Tech is rated at 12V and 60/55 watts.



Metal coil securement device

Coil Saver is a securement device for hauling steel coils on flatbed trailers. The device allows a driver to chain a coil on both the outside and through its eye, providing more retention strength versus conventional binding methods to help prevent the coil from shifting during transit and – in some cases, due to the large amount of kinetic energy generated during emergency braking situations – breaking loose from its chains.

Coil Saver


Recycled dunnage

Paylode manufactures 100 percent recycled reusable dunnage for truck, rail and intermodal cargo that can be used for hundreds of trips. The dunnage is designed not only to protect product and cushion shipments in transit, but also to save money along the supply chain while protecting the environment.



Lime scale-removing liquid

Sioux Descaler is designed to remove lime scale in hot water equipment. The biodegradable liquid is available in 5-gallon jugs and 30-gallon drums and is formulated to dissolve scale buildup in water heaters, solution heaters, pressure washers, steam cleaners and steam generators.

Sioux Corp.


Towable caster series

Hamilton Caster’s Enhanced Heavy Service towable caster series is suited for use on in-plant trailers, towline carts and AGV systems. The series combines the company’s Hamilton Precision Integrated (HPI) swivel technology with five different polyurethane tread wheels that cover 6-by-2-inch and 8-by-2-inch wheel sizes. The HPI raceways are built with added hardness and a smooth surface finish, while the wheels are equipped with double-sealed precision ball bearings or tapered roller bearings, both of which are designed to sustain high speeds.

Hamilton Caster


Tire, retread for refuse applications

Michelin Americas Truck Tires’ XZUS2 for refuse applications is designed to deliver up to a 20 percent increase in removal miles over its predecessor, the XZUS tire, while the XZUS 280 retread size completes the XZUS Pre-Mold retread line for the most commonly used sizes in refuse applications. The XZUS2, available in a 315/80R22.5 size, features Co-Ex Technology designed to increase wear life; the technology combines a scrub-resistant compound for long tread life and a cool base tread compound to help reduce temperatures in the crown area and preserve the casing. For application-specific protection, the tire features a robust shoulder design and protector ribs, as well as an optimized bead design to help improve retreadability. The XZUS Pre-Mold retread line also comes with Co-Ex Technology.

Michelin Americas Truck Tires


Tear-down benches

Shure Manufacturing’s heavy-duty tear-down benches are designed to ease the task of working with fluid-saturated components. The benches are designed to eliminate unsafe spills and speed work on transmissions, small engines and hydraulic systems. Features of the benches include:

• Reinforced heavy-duty top with ½-inch lip on all sides;

• All-welded adjustable-height legs;

• Storage drawer with optional lock;

• Four heavy-duty swivel casters with brake;

• 3-gallon fluid drain pan;

• Optional stainless- steel insert; and

• Powder-coat paint finish.

Shure Manufacturing Corp.


Tire runout gauge

K-Line Industries’ Tire Runout Gauge measures both radial and lateral tire runout conditions, helping to eliminate irregular tire wear and ride vibration while lengthening tire life. The runout gauge is designed to pinpoint problems either directly related to the tire and rim or some other trouble areas that may be causing runout, providing an early indicator of wheels and/or tires that may need to be reworked or discarded. The device uses a roller wheel placed against the tire tread combined with a gauge bar, individual low- and high-spot sliders and a magnified measurement readout that shows the amount of runout present. If the runout exceeds the stated limits, a check can be made and repairs completed for the possible reasons, including bent or cocked rims, improperly adjusted wheel bearings, improper tire bead seating, tire flat spots and improperly tightened rim clamps or rear rim spacers.

K-Line Industries


Electric heaters for cold climates

Dometic’s latest series of electric heaters is designed for trucks and other vehicles needing extra heat in extremely cold climates. The electric heat modules, available in 2.5 or 4.0 kW, use multiple heater coils with two-stage heating control to provide precise temperature control and optimized energy efficiency. The Qt electronic control automatically throttles back heat and power consumption as the inside air approaches the setpoint temperature. The compact self-contained heating unit can be mounted under a bunk or seat. Warm air can be discharged directly or ducted to one or more grills.



Spill kit

The Oil Eater Transportation Spill Kit is an all-in-one professional-grade emergency cleanup system for hazardous chemical spills. The system, which comes in a water-resistant storage bag that fits inside the vehicle, includes everything needed to handle the first response to a hazardous spill situation – gloves, instructions, universal pads, snakes and high-temperature disposal bags. Also included is a quart of Oil Eater Original Cleaner/Degreaser formulated to clean surfaces after absorbing a spill.

Oil Eater


Fan drives

BorgWarner Thermal Systems now supplies Visctronic fan drives as optional equipment for Freightliner Cascadia trucks powered by DD13 and DD15 engines. The electronically controlled fan drives are designed to operate only when needed and at the appropriate speed, freeing up engine power and contributing to improved fuel economy. Tighter control of engine temperature also helps extend engine and component life.



Aluminum dump bodies

Rugby Manufacturing’s line of aluminum dump bodies features rigid sides or lightweight fold-down sides to help provide versatile easy access to the body. Aluminum bodies can weigh half as much as traditional carbon steel, which helps to decrease fuel, tire and brake expenses while increasing payload.

Rugby Manufacturing


Brake pads for Dodge Ram 2500/3500

Performance Friction now offers carbon metallic brake pads for 2009-11 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 series trucks to address premature wear. Carbon metallic ads are designed to deliver more stopping power with reduced noise and vibration while meeting all environmental standards.

Performance Friction


Crankshaft damper

Vibratech TVD now offers a viscous crankshaft damper for Caterpillar C10, C12 and C13 engines. The damper, part number 1341604, is a direct replacement for OEM stock number 167-8125 and is designed to provide 500,000 miles of protection against critical torsional vibration crankshaft damage.

Vibratech TVD


Rugged tablets

Panasonic’s Android-based Toughbook tablet includes a high-brightness daylight-viewable screen so that mobile workers can see critical data and operate the device regardless of lighting conditions, while an active stylus allows mobile workers to capture signatures on the device’s 10.1-inch XGA multitouch display. The tablet also offers the durability and ingress protection provided by previous Toughbook models.

Panasonic’s Toughbook H2 is a fully-rugged ergonomic handheld Windows tablet PC designed to offer mobility, performance and connectivity for field service workers, supply chain logistics personnel and other professionals. The next-generation tablet is designed with an enhanced processor, increased RAM and hard drive capacity, I/O ports and a screen that delivers added viewability in all lighting conditions through the use of Panasonic’s TransflectivePlus technology. Optional integrated features include barcode and RFID readers, a camera and a GPS receiver to enhance worker productivity and minimize the number of devices used in the field.

Panasonic Solutions Co.


Heavy truck commercial jump starter

Clore Automotive’s Model No. HT1224 12/24V commercial jump starter from Solar is a wheeled unit designed specifically for the over-the-road transportation industry. The HT1224 delivers 1,400 cold cranking amps in 12V mode and 800 CCA in 24V mode, making it suitable for fleet, industrial, construction, agricultural and commercial settings in all weather environments. It comes equipped with two Group 31 batteries, heavy-duty 10-foot jumper cable leads and 10-inch pneumatic tires for increased field mobility. The HT1224 also features a rugged high-impact case and industrial-grade construction designed to stand up to everyday use in harsh conditions, while its EZ View Control Panel with large gauges helps make monitoring service progress easier from a distance. The HT1224 also features an onboard 10-amp automatic battery charger.

Clore Automotive


Aerodynamic trailer add-on

SmartTruck has introduced the second generation of its aerodynamic UT-6 Trailer UnderTray System, which includes redesigned components that are higher off the ground and allow the sled to be independent of the suspension system. The redesigned system also reduces the size of the rear diffuser, allowing the suspension system to travel to the full rearward position. The redesigned components, along with a more universal hardware package, help facilitate easier installation on a wider range of trailer models. Along with increased fuel efficiency, the system also helps reduce operating temperatures around the brake, tire and wheel assemblies due to increased airflow under the trailer.



Memory saver

The Snap-on Soft-Sided Memory Saver (EESM500) is designed to maintain and preserve a vehicle’s onboard computer settings when the 12V battery is disconnected while service is being performed.


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Biobased cleaners, degreasers, lubricants

RSC Bio Solutions’ Gunk Powered by SafeCare line of biobased cleaners, degreasers and lubricants is formulated to provide nonhazardous alternatives for applications where both high performance and safety are essential. The Gunk Powered by SafeCare line includes Truck and Equipment Wash, Heavy Duty Degreaser, Universal Parts Washing Fluid and General Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser. The company’s Liquid Wrench Powered by EnviroLogic line features Penetrating Oil, Hydraulic Jack Oil, Aerial Lift Fluid and Mobile Equipment Hydraulic Fluid. The products are available in a variety of containers and sizes.

RSC Bio Solutions

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Tool storage series

Snap-on’s Clear Coat Series for tool storage has an additional top layer designed to add depth and a mirror-like gloss over select colors, allowing expansion of the base-coat palette to include metallic colors. Each box is pretreated and painted with powder-coat paint before the Clear Coat finish is applied to allow the base color to remain intact and to help resist harsh chemicals, chipping, scratching and abrasion.



SmartWay-verified drive tire

Goodyear’s G572 LHD drive tire features the company’s proprietary Fuel Max Technology and is verified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership. The G572 LHD, which replaces the G372A LHD, features the same 30/32 -inch tread depth but is designed for lower rolling resistance and improved dry and wet stopping distances, plus overall traction. The G572 LHD also features Goodyear’s proprietary TredLock Technology, which interlocks the tread’s microgrooves for added stability and longer life while promoting even wear. Circumferential and lateral tread grooves help enhance all-season performance, while penetration protectors help impede stone drilling for longer casing life and multiple retreads. Four ultra-tensile steel belts help reinforce the tread and provide a solid foundation for retreading. The G572 LHD comes in four sizes: 11R22.5 and 11R24.5, both in G and H load ratings; and 295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5, both in G load ratings.