Pitt Ohio announces Safetybox software

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Updated Dec 16, 2011

Pitt Ohio announced that they have created a safety, compliance and risk management software for the transportation, insurance and warehousing industries that includes CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) Tracking and Driver Scorecards. The software, called SafetyBox, tracks related events in one database.

In 2006, Hammel Companies, the parent company of Pitt Ohio–a major, mid-Atlantic LTL carrier based in Pittsburg–created a new company called ThoughtDrivers to market Safetybox and other award-winning technology and systems that were developed internally at Pitt Ohio. In 2010 Hammel Companies folded ThoughtDrivers into the operations of Pitt Ohio.

“The days of managing multiple databases for safety compliance are over. Clients can now more efficiently manage, track and report on safety, compliance and risk management of its drivers with one tool,” said Jim Fields, COO at Pitt Ohio.

Ron Uriah, Pitt Ohio’s vice president of safety and risk management said, “Safetybox is a valuable resource that captures information from a multitude of areas and databases to monitor driver performance and provide predictability analysis. Safetybox integrates facts, updates files, and automatically provides notifications for immediate reference and management. It enables you to do more with less.”

Prior to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) issuing new regulations, CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) in December 2010, Pitt Ohio had been using Safetybox for over seven years. The company was recently awarded its 5th President’s Trophy, known in the industry as the highest rated safety award.

According to Jeff Mercadante, director of safety for Pitt Ohio, “Safetybox evolved from our own databases, which we used before CSA was even on the horizon. In conjunction with our proactive efforts, this software put our organization further ahead in managing these new CSA regulations.”

A fleet manager for a Fortune 500 pharmacy health care provider in the United States who recently began using Safetybox said, “I chose Safetybox because of the safety reputation of PITT OHIO and the trust I had developed with their knowledgeable employee’s. Pitt Ohio was the only company willing to customize their software to meet our requirements and expand Safetybox to include everything I needed.”