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“Proposal would tie sleep apnea testing with body mass index”


Testing for all

“If you want a safer road system, start making EVERY driver that holds ANY kind of license take a drug test!! Our commercial drivers have stepped up to the plate and have gotten much better in the last few years. So instead of punishing them for getting better, start looking into WHY some of these accidents really happen. Women putting makeup on … men on laptops … cell phones … navigation in cars and trucks.” – Bruce


Too many costs

“I would suspect that most individuals creating these guidelines wouldn’t pass BMI standards themselves (get them off the road). It’s just one more increase in the cost of doing business for little benefit – costs to companies (loss of drivers, retraining new drivers, recruitment costs, medical costs), costs to drivers (lack of wages since he can’t drive, costs for medical supplies, screening) and costs to taxpayers since we of course will need to pay higher insurance rates, as this will undoubtedly have to be covered under our insurance costs. You can’t legislate away all risk – anyone who drives is at risk simply by the act of driving. This is just one more example of overregulation that should not be tolerated!” – Robert Clarke


Revise sleeper berth rules

“If they really were interested in doing something about sleepy drivers, they would revise the current logbook rules. As it stands now, if you take a two-hour nap, it counts against your 14 hours of on-duty time. Sleeper berth rules need to be changed so you can split your time into two periods, a two-hour and an eight-hour period. This would allow you to take a two-hour nap without penalizing you for doing so. You would take the eight remaining hours when your 14 hours are up. The way the law is now, I have to ‘back my logbook up’ to make it look like I took the 10 hours of sleeper berth time at one time. There are times I need a two-hour ‘power nap.’ The current rule doesn’t allow for it. So I am forced to get ‘creative.’ It beats falling asleep at the wheel and having an accident.” – Paul



Find the root of problem

“Eating and sleeping disorders are not chased away by more rules that make their jobs harder – it’s accomplished by going to the source to find the cure. I’ve been driving for 40 years – in that time, no one that makes the rules ever asked me what would help to solve the sleepy driver problem. But then I don’t sit in an office making rules for other people to follow without experiencing the job in the real world. Wear our shoes, then make our rules.” – Norman Friend



Percent of respondents whose companies’ average length of haul have diminished in the last five years.

Based on 87 respondents’ answers to our online survey.




Trip Pak Untitled 1TripPak Mobile

What it does: This app from ACS provides drivers of participating fleets the ability to update trip status, confirm pickup and delivery with signature capture and capture trip documents for submission via their smartphones.

What they say: The app provides drivers with a document submission method that is convenient and provides faster pay with state-of-the-art technology, reducing out-of-route miles.

Access: iPhone, Android.



Xata Turnpike RouteTracker

Xata Untitled 1What it does: The RouteTracker is a multifunction federally certified electronic onboard recorder. It combines an application for smartphone users that connects to the engine ECM via a small device for no additional charge.

What they say: Software package includes access to engine diagnostics and other performance information, real-time tracking capability and automated IFTA data collection and reporting, in addition to the logging capability. Combined with Web-based storage and tools, the package costs $35 per month.

Access: Most smartphones on Verizon and Sprint networks, including Android-operated devices. or


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