Pegasus TransTech debuts Transflo Now Mobile for Android phones

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Updated Feb 3, 2012

Pegasus TransTech has introduced Transflo Now Mobile for Android phones, a scanning solution designed to speed document delivery. Pegasus TransTech released Transflo Now for iPhone in July, and its new Android app allows drivers to capture and send high-quality images electronically using the growing array of Android phones from numerous manufacturers. Transflo Now Mobile is designed to provide fleets with same-day access to transportation documents, speeding cash flow for both fleets and drivers.

The company says Transflo Now Mobile is easy to use from virtually anywhere using the built-in cameras in both iPhones and Androids. Drivers can capture images of signed delivery receipts, logs or bills-of-lading and send multiple documents electronically to the fleet in seconds. At a fleet’s back office, documents are delivered in exactly the same format as Transflo Express truckstop scanning and Transflo Now anywhere scanning from a laptop or desktop computer.

Transflo Now Mobile for Android will work on any cell phone running Android version 2.2 or higher with a five megapixel camera or better and autofocus. The app is available for free download on the Android Market website at, for current Transflo Now Mobile customers. Fleets not enrolled in the service may contact Pegasus TransTech to launch the Transflo Now Mobile service and enable their drivers to download.

“Transflo Now Mobile for Android offers the document quality our customers have come to expect from Pegasus TransTech,” says Bob Helms, chairman and chief executive officer. “It is so easy to use that there is no training required to download and begin capturing images with Transflo Now Mobile.”

Transflo Now Mobile is designed to crop, enhance and convert the image to true black and white for high-quality results before transmission over the cellular network. Additionally, it compresses and enhances document images for faster, more efficient transmission. The application includes multitouch zoom capability so drivers can quality-check the images before sending.

The application also provides the option to index so drivers can provide additional information, such as a load number or trailer number. In addition, if a fleet requires it, the application allows drivers to select a document type for each document they are sending. These features are optional and can be customized to each fleet’s specifications. Once implemented, the application provides the driver with a template to follow that helps eliminate training and support.

Once documents have been submitted, the driver’s smartphone displays a unique confirmation number verifying successful transmission of the images. In addition, the driver receives an e-mail with the confirmation number and a link to access the image. For up to 14 days after submission, drivers can retrieve, view and permanently save documents to their own computer by going to