Going retro?

Jack Untitled 1Back in the ‘70s, truckers enjoyed 15 minutes of fame in the national spotlight. It was the heyday of the owner-operator and, for a country coming out of the ‘60s, the sexual revolution and Vietnam, the free-wheeling, open-road Cowboy image fit perfectly into the national dialogue on freedom and what it meant to be an American.

CCJ’s sister publication, Overdrive magazine, was a big part of the Golden Age of trucking. And the pretty girls that adorned the cover and the inside pages of the magazine were pinup girls for weary truckers not far removed from the glossy shots of Rita Heyworth and Lana Turner that reminded tired American soldiers of Home a generation earlier.

Today, Overdrive is revisiting and updating those old glamour shots of old. I attended a recent photo shoot with a really cool, tricked-out 2001 Peterbilt wrecker (the thing has 400 lights on it!) and a beautiful young model who posed for our photographer as a late Spring setting sun highlighted both the girl and the truck on an Alabama hillside. You can see the photos here.

What do you think?