i3G Corp readies i-tank remote monitoring system

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Updated Jul 13, 2012

 i3G Corp has launched the i-tank remote tank monitoring system designed to help optimize the delivery of bulk liquids by monitoring and reporting precise liquid levels on remote storage tanks.

“Our i-tank solution helps businesses refine their bulk liquid deliveries,” said Mike Barcum, chief executive officer of i3G. “By optimizing bulk deliveries, businesses can cut their delivery costs, reduce the wear-and-tear on fleet delivery vehicles and improve customer service.” Barcum said the company’s testing has shown that customers can save an average of 30 percent on bulk delivery costs by using the system.

Rising fuel costs, increased personnel costs, the need to avoid unnecessary trips and the desire to deliver more precise quantities to remote locations are prompting bulk liquid businesses to look for ways to cut their costs without impacting their operations, he said.

i-tank is designed to be an affordable, durable, self-powered system to operate in remote locations, even where power and telecommunications support is limited. The i-tank system reports precise level information to a secure, third party server, so operators can check on remote tank levels around the clock.

More information about i3G Corp’s i-tank product can be found at www.i3gcorp.com.