Accellos updates Warehouse Management System

Updated Aug 10, 2012

Accellos, a provider of supply chain execution software solutions, announced AccellosOne Warehouse Management System Version 6.4, the latest iteration of its warehouse management system.

WMS is an end-to-end suite of products aimed at increasing the productivity, efficiency and visibility of activities that take place in a company’s warehouse and distribution operations. Seamlessly integrated with leading ERP systems from publishers like Microsoft, SAP, Sage and Infor, WMS is designed to provide rapid ROI for companies with two to several hundred warehouse workers and is available for deployment in the cloud or behind the customer’s firewall.

Accellos says the V6.4 release adds these new capabilities:
• Advanced Workcenter functionality for orders, receipts, inventory, tasks and integration;
• Extensible hold code system for increased traceability;
• Integrated document imaging;
• Enhanced shipping workflow;
• Integrated order consolidation;
• Integrated load and route planning;
• Advanced reporting system;
• Enhanced, scalable wave labels; and
• Tighter integration with AccellosOne Workspace framework.

“Customers are looking for more than just a warehouse management system,” said Ross Elliott, Accellos chief technology officer. “This new release blends great new functionality, increased scalability and productive enhancements to the user experience in delivering a supply chain suite aimed from the ground up for the mid-market customer.”