Undistracted driving

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Not too long ago, I was making my routine trek to CCJ’s offices – a journey that puts me on an interstate part of the way. Now, I know that’s not all that remarkable – most everyone who lives and works in a high-population area probably hops on the freeway for part of their commute. For me, however, this day was different.

This was the day that my state’s no-texting law went into effect. Basically, we’re still allowed to use our phones for that purpose – as a telephone – while driving, but we can’t text, e-mail, read texts or e-mails, or surf the Web while driving. Those e-mails and online tidbits will have to wait until we stop our cars – unless we really want a ticket, a monetary fine and some points on our licenses.

Anyway, on this first day of the new law being in effect, I saw several cars on the side of the road with drivers looking down toward the steering wheel. I would bet that a lot of those folks weren’t dealing with mechanical issues – but rather were doing their best to adhere to the new rules of the road in my state.

Many folks have argued that it shouldn’t take a law for people to practice common sense and not text behind the wheel. But after seeing the immediate results, I believe a little extra motivation from law enforcement can’t hurt.