Energy Trac in-truck fuel delivery billing system’s accuracy certified

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Updated Sep 7, 2012

iRely, a developer of commodity software systems, announced that Energy Trac, a software program used in fuel trucks, has officially received certification from the National Type Evaluation Program, an initiative of the National Conference on Weights and Measures. NTEP certification indicates a device has met applicable requirements for commercial weighing and measuring equipment in the United States.

Energy Trac is an in-truck billing system designed to automate and streamline inventory and billing processes for liquid fuel deliveries. While meters are required to be NTEP-certified in most states, linking NTEP certified software ensures an accurate delivery for all parties involved.

“NTEP certification lets the suppliers, drivers and recipients all know that our software can communicate effectively with the meters, measure accurately and then send that data to the software and printer unedited,” said Brian Kay, petroleum business unit leader for iRely. “Inexact or even fraudulent deliveries become a nonfactor with the meters, software and printers synced so closely.”

Energy Trac software also helps reduce the paper trail left by long delivery cycles. Electronic archiving keeps information stored automatically, and customers can choose to receive an e-mail invoice instead of a printed one. For those that do prefer paper invoices, Energy Trac can link with the driver’s preferred printer rather than forcing him to use the few options usually supported by the meters. Signatures can be captured electronically and then printed on the invoice.

“We’re really trying to streamline the delivery and billing systems in order to provide a more efficient experience for everyone involved,” Kay said. “Eliminating some of the dated technology still out there will be a key factor in improving industry standards as a whole.”

Energy Trac software is designed to be integrated with many NTEP-certified meters, including Liquid Controls LCR II, Liquid Controls LCR 600, Mid:Com Smartlink ELS/SLS, Mid:Com E:count and Mid:Com 8000; it also has current integration capabilities to multiple A/R and ERP systems, including Summit/iRely Petrolac Accounting, Summit/iRely Ag Accounting, AgVantage and Control Systems.