PRISM changes to be phased in

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Prism Map June2012

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that a previously announced procedural change to its Performance and Registration Information Systems Management program that eliminates the Vehicle Registrant Only (Registrant) designation now will be phased in. FMCSA had announced in the Federal Register that the PRISM change would take place on Sept. 1. However, the agency said the change now will be phased in to give those affected sufficient time to comply.

PRISM is intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of federal and state safety efforts through a more accurate process for targeting the highest-risk carriers to allow for a more efficient allocation of resources for compliance reviews and roadside inspections. The program requires that motor carriers improve their identified safety deficiencies or face progressively more stringent sanctions up to the ultimate sanction of a federal out-of-service order and concurrent state registration suspensions.

FMCSA said it will publish the new implementation timeline in the Federal Register in the coming days. For more information, e-mail Stephen Parker at [email protected].