Utility video spotlights test track

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. has released a new video showcasing the company’s real-world test track. The video features an interview with Craig Bennett, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Utility, who says the test track was designed and built by the company’s engineers to produce lighter, stronger trailers. The video highlights the test track and provides an inside look at some of the testing that Utility conducts with each product it produces.

“For years, Utility has been utilizing this test track to ensure that our products and its components adhere to the highest quality possible,” Bennett says. “When our customers see our test facility, they are impressed and had no idea that we test in this way. Through this video, we are providing an exclusive inside look of what we do during our testing process.”

Utility’s test track video can be viewed online in Utility’s media gallery at https://www.utilitytrailer.com/resources/photos-videos/id/ut-test-track.