GPSTrackIt develops alert device for driver keyring

Updated May 31, 2013

GPSTrackIt has developed an Instant Alert Device that can attach to a driver’s keyring.

“The device works in a similar fashion to an electronic key,” explains Eddie Bermudez, GPSTrackIt’s product manager. “It’s a small plastic box with a single button on it. The driver can carry it on his or her keychain. So even if they’re not with the vehicle they can still call for assistance.”

When the button on the device is depressed, it sends a signal wirelessly to a receiver connected to the tracking device in the vehicle. The Instant Alert Device has a range of up to 500 feet.

“The tracking device in the vehicle receives the signal,” continued Bermudez. “It’s programmed to immediately send an alert to the Fleet Manager system. The dispatcher or fleet manager can then notify first responders and provide them accurate location information.” 

GPSTrackIt’s device in the vehicle uses both GPS and satellite communications. The worker can use the Instant Alert Device to notify the office if something is wrong or to acknowledge the completion of a task, he added. The alert provides real-time notifications to the alert contacts via the company’s Fleet Manager vehicle tracking system with a web-based interface.

The new feature can be used with any type of switch, button or Power Take Off (PTO) that connects to an input wire on the tracking device, he said.