Motorola adds new digital-capable radio, CP200d

Updated Aug 1, 2013

Motorola Solutions, Inc. has launched the new Mototrbo (pronounced “moto turbo”) CP200d. This digital-capable version of its best-selling CP200 portable two-way radio makes it easy to transition a business to digital technology, the company says. It has the same features, form factor and batteries of the CP200 portable, while adding digital voice capability.

The radio can operate in digital and analog modes concurrently and fits into a company’s existing communication system.

The CP200d is also available as an analog-only model, and needs a simple software upgrade to add digital capability in the future. Also available are the CM200d and CM300d mobiles: digital-capable versions of the CM200 and CM300.

With a bright, high contrast alphanumeric screen, the CM300d allows users to see important caller information at a glance. The CM200d offers a simple, clear numeric display.

Motorola says that digital two-way radios have distinct benefits to audio, including better audio quality and clarity, enhanced coverage due to better error-correction, higher spectral efficiency leading to increased capacity, and higher power efficiency leading to longer battery life.