Cargo theft frequency, value per load increase in rolling three months

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Updated Sep 25, 2013

cargo theftThe number of recorded cargo thefts in the U.S. between June and August rose 5 percent from the three months prior to 202 thefts, according to Freight Watch International, who released its monthly report on the prior three-month period this week.

Moreover, the value lost per load rose 9 percent from the May-July period, FreightWatch says, to an average of $166,454.

Food and drink loads continued to make up the plurality of thefts, with 45 total thefts (22 percent). Theft of loads of electronics accounted for 14 percent — 29 thefts — and loads of metal made up 12 percent, 25 thefts.

Targeted food and drink loads included meats, cereals, drinks and prepared foods. Stolen loads of electronics consisted of televisions, computers and computer accessories.

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Building and industrial loads made up 9 percent of the thefts, and home/garden loads 8 percent.

California continued to experience the most thefts with 46, and Texas held onto the second place spot with 34 thefts. Illinois reported 31 thefts and Florida 24. Those four states alone accounted for 66 percent of the loads.

Unsecured parking was the cause of 55 percent (111 thefts) of the total 202, while secured parking incidents accounted for 15 percent, 23 thefts. The number of secured parking thefts nearly doubled from the prior three-month period.

Trailer or container theft continued to dominate the type of cargo theft event, with 165 thefts, or 76 percent. Thefts from deceptive pickup —  a form of identity theft — accounted for 19 incidents, making up 9 percent of the total.

Stolen loads of alcohol tipped the average value per load scale the most, as the average value of a stolen load of alcohol was $689,081. Stolen loads of clothing and shoes averaged $425,219, and jewelry and accessories loads averaged $395,000.

Consumer care loads and building/industrial loads both averaged just more than $50,000 per theft. Home/garden loads averaged $43,684.