Bendx produces 1 millionth EverSure brake spring

Production of the Bendix EverSure Spring Brake with the No Touch Power Spring has surpassed the 1 million-unit production mark. Bendix says EverSure for drum brakes – introduced in 2011 – offers a robust design, as well as lighter weight, extended service intervals, and best-in-class force output.

“We saw the Bendix EverSure’s potential as a true game changer in the spring brake market, and the industry’s embrace has demonstrated that,” said Kevin Romanchok, product line director – Actuation. “We wanted to take a different approach to what is often viewed as a commodity product. Fleets used to just accept that spring brakes had a somewhat limited service life because road grit and other contaminants would inevitably get into their spring housing and accelerate the corrosion of the power spring. The No Touch Power Spring changed that.”

While most spring brake suppliers coat the power spring to provide some level of protection against contamination and corrosion, Bendix says the coating’s durability can be compromised by designs that bring the spring coils in contact with each other during compression. This “coil clash” can wear away the coating, leaving the bare spring more susceptible to corrosion and breakage – the most common reason a spring brake needs to be replaced.

According to Bendix, the No Touch Power Spring design virtually eliminates coil clash, protecting the premium epoxy coating used on all Bendix power springs. And because contact between the compressed power spring coils is dramatically reduced, the Bendix EverSure offers a significant improvement in corrosion resistance compared to competitive spring brake products. This results in a longer-lasting product, fewer repairs, less downtime, and lower fleet operating costs.

Bendix also delivers additional long-lasting value by protecting the EverSure’s ability to maintain its braking force. The EverSure’s greater power spring shut height reduces stresses on the spring and allows it to better maintain its force output over time. Additionally, the Bendix EverSure – which weighs up to 8 pounds less per tandem axle than most comparable designs – offers the opportunity for increased payload, as well as the potential for improved fuel efficiency per vehicle.

Original Equipment Manufacturers offering the Bendix EverSure or designating it as standard include Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, and Vanguard National Trailer Corporation.

“In addition to OE support, we’ve seen significant growth in the aftermarket and strong support from distributors and dealers who recognize the consequences of using low-quality, low-cost spring brakes,” Romanchok said. “With the Bendix EverSure, they know the long-term benefits of performance, durability, and return on investment will far outweigh any short-term cost-cutting alternatives. That message is starting to resonate with their fleet customers as well.”