Telogis advances telematics with Fleet 11

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Updated Jan 31, 2014

As with many software developers, Telogis constantly gathers feedback from customers to determine what features and enhancements to include in the next version of its cloud-based fleet management platform.

Telogis has created a customizable Enterprise KPI Scorecard in Fleet 11Telogis has created a customizable Enterprise KPI Scorecard in Fleet 11

Telogis already has what could be considered a comprehensive platform with a product line of integrated applications that include dynamic routing, commercial navigation, advanced telematics, real-time work order management and mobile applications.

Telogis recently announced the latest release of its telematics application, Fleet 11. According to Telogis, the new features in this release will help its customers more easily analyze and utilize the data gathered from workers, vehicles and assets in the field.

The new features of Fleet 11 are centered around three main areas: connected location intelligence, driver behavior, and actionable analytics.

Connected location intelligence

By connected location intelligence, Telogis means the tools it offers to connect mobile workers to the back office as well as to connect multiple parties to what is happening in the field.

Fleet 11 has a mobile application that supervisors and operation managers can use to visualize their vehicles, assets and workers. It also supports Telogis Live 2.0, a location and data sharing tool that connects the workers and assets shared by partners on one screen. This allows partners to share project information among multiple users for productivity and operational efficiency.

As an example, a utility company that uses contractors might use Telogis Live 2.0 to get an aggregate view of job-related information, assuming its contractors are also Telogis customers. This feature is designed to enable the sharing of information among companies that have a connected ecosystem, says Mark Wallin, vice president, product management.

Driver behavior

Telogis says Fleet 11 closes the communications and reporting loop with drivers through the integration of Telogis Coach, a mobile application that gives both drivers and back offices the same view of a driver behavior scorecard. Using Telogis Coach, drivers can review their own behaviors and understand their successes and opportunities for improvement.

Fleet 11 supports richer engine data and services derived from relationships with top vehicle manufacturersFleet 11 supports richer engine data and services derived from relationships with top vehicle manufacturers

The mobile application integrates with in-cab alerts. These alerts can be set up to trigger when certain events exceed the parameters defined in the scorecard. Alerts use tones to notify a driver of a speeding event, for instance, to help improvement take place in real time. Drivers can also look at their results in the scorecard after driving.

With Telogis Coach, drivers can receive peer leaderboards, a snapshot of the day’s driving behaviors and tips for driving more responsibly and safely. Fleet 11 also has mobile applications drivers can use for electronic Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).

Actionable analytics

With Fleet 11, Telogis has made the alerts, dashboards and reports more customizable, Wallin says, to better understand how teams and vehicles are performing in the field.

The new visual analytic tools and scripted alerts provide more flexibility in reporting. And Fleet 11 has enhanced its enterprise key performance indicator (KPI) scorecard, a dashboard that allows a global view of KPIs with drill-down ability to find more specific information in areas like safety, utilization and route compliance.

Fleet 11 also delivers richer engine data and services derived from Telogis’ existing relationships with top vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks and others.