Dana introduces driveline components at TMC

Heavy-duty component manufacturer Dana announced at the TMC Show in Nashville, TN, that it has several new and enhanced products for the North American truck market.

The company’s 40,000 pound Spicer AdvanTek 40 tandem axle has entered initial production with Kenworth and Peterbilt. This includes 13 axle models, with ratios ranging from 2.26:1 to 3.91:1.

According the Steve Slesinski, director of global product planning for Dana, the new axle can deliver up to $10,000 in fuel savings a year when compared to other tandem axle offerings.

Slesinski said Kenworth and Peterbilt are also now offering Spicer’s EconoTrek 6×2 tandem axle on their 2014 commercial vehicles. According to Slesinski, this axle reduces overall vehicle weight by 400 pounds while increasing fuel economy from 2 to 3 percent.

In medium-duty news, Dana announced the introduction of the new Spicer S140 Series Drive Axles for Class 6 and 7 vehicles.

The new axles feature Gross Axle Weight Ratings from 21,000 pounds and Gross Cargo Weight Ratings up to 46,000 pounds. The axles are available with a wide range of numerical ratios from 3.31:1 to 6.50:1 and feature a high-capacity gearing and bearing system to insure durability and reliability in ratings with high-torque/high-horsepower engines.